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Jon Nield, Ph.D. - Website Designer and Implementor

At the beginning of 1997 Jon began to design web pages at a basic HTML level, laying the foundations for what was to become Imperial College's Centre for Structural Biology website. Going from Macromedia's Studio MX, Corel's Draw X3 suite and now Inkscape/Krita/Gimp, onto WordPress (themes, plugins and so forth) - these are all used to enable Jon to employ his own website designs. The formulation of websites specific to his own group, academic department (twice) and senior colleagues (3) during his spare time from July 1999 to 2011. He designed & implemented a new set of sites for the Photosynthesis Grouping at Queen Mary (2007-2008, now defunct). He developed 3 smartphone applications for a while (iOS6), Android (5.1), loved WebOS 2.2 when it wasn't tied to TVs (Pre2 / HP Pre3!) - and is an adherent of HTML5(6)/webapps. His own research website was built upon a 'core' fleshed out to 300+ pages, now hosted for legacy purposes within Jon keeps expanding his expertise into computers.

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