Photosystem II
3D PSII supercomplex; here

Teaching & Staff training / admin

Jon has lectured individuals pursuing undergraduate, Masters and Doctorate projects, and researchers from PDRA to Lecturer. Hands-on demonstrations, head-to-head tutorials via whiteboard and powerpoint presentations - all extensively used.

MSci BIO491 course at QMUL: Advanced Methods in Biochemical Research (4 to 12 students).

MRes supervision, laboratory project, dissertation guidance and presentation (5 students).

MRes presentation and dissertation marking & examination. / UG dissertations (at QMUL).

Undergraduate Lectures/Practical (100-120 students in class, when at Imperial) have been:

"Calvin Cycle & the Dark Reactions"; Protein Science UG2.
"Molecular Photobioenergetics"; Biological Chemistry.

"Molecular Photobioenergetics"; Proteins & Enzymes.
Practical: "Chloroplasts"; 2 days.
Practical: "Molecular visualisation"; 1 day.
Practical: "Web-page design; protein science structures"' 1 day.

Undergraduate exam question composition/marking, UG final year project examiner, UG final year dissertations, MSc lab/dissertation supervisor.

The following list reflects those individuals Jon has guided for at least one month, and this teaching has, to his knowledge, directly resulted in 15 publications: (Initials are used for reasons of privacy).

19. KM - Supervisor: 4 years, PDRA & Visiting Researcher, 2016-2020

18. RBS - Supervisor: <2 years, PDRA, 2013-2015

17. KZ - Supervisor: 3 years, Visiting Researcher, 2009-2012

16. MC - Supervisor: 6 month MSc project Oct. 2006-April 2007

15. BO - as joint Supervisor: 12 month MSc placement. Oct.-Sept. 2006

14. JS - as joint Supervisor: 4 month MRes project. Oct.- March 2006

13. WL - as joint Supervisor: 5 month MRes project. May-Sept. 2005

12. KM - Ph.D. research assistant of Prof. J. Barber, Feb. 2003 - date.

11. PH - Post-doc. research assistant, commencing Jan. 2003.

10. YI - Undergraduate from HUJI; co-supervised with Dr. Naomi Chayen, Imperial College; Sept.-Oct. 2002.

9. MB - Ph.D. student. University of Salamanca. Two month visit; Jul. 2002-Aug. 2002. One publication.

8. SE - Post-doc. associate of Prof. Martin Buck, Oct. 2001-Jun. 2002. One publication.

7. JK - Post-doc. associate of Prof. J. Barber, commencing Oct. 2001. One publication.

6. ES - Post-doc. associate of Dr. Ben Hankamer, commencing Oct. 2001. One publication.

5. JD - Ph.D. student under Prof. Barber, Aug. 2000 - Jan. 2002. 2 publications.

4. TB - Ph.D. student under Prof. Barber, commencing Jul. 2000. 4 publications.

3. JD - as Supervisor: Undergraduate project, 6 weeks, May-June 2000. Student and project achieved score in highest bracket.

2. TK - as Supervisor: 3 month M.Sc. project. October-December 1999.

1. JR - Undergraduate from Cambridge University, UK. 10 week project, Summer 1999. 2 publications.

Jon gives advice on computing, image-processing and microscopy to several members of the Dept. and to 3 groups in a variety of other departments across campus.

Jon's Administrative duties in support of his academic colleagues at Queen Mary, included:

SBCS Careers Academic, 2012-2020. 800+ Undergraduates.
Nanovision TEM centre management committee member. 2007-2020.

SBCS IT committee Academic Staff representative 2007-2009.

At Imperial College, he supported his colleagues in the following ways:

1. Faculty Safety committee Divisional Representative 2005-2007
2. GM-safety (GMSC8a) committee Divisional Representative 2005-2007
3. Divisional Seminar series organiser 2005-2007

Attended Staff training courses - to broaden knowledge and bolster a strong workplace ethic:

8. Health and Safety management role of the Academic Supervisor (2006)
7. Introduction to Biological Safety incl. Modules 1 & 3 (refresher 2005)
6. Managing Academic & Research Staff (2004)
5. Recruitment & Selection (2003)
4. Postgraduate demonstration training (3 day course)
3. Fire Safety (Hall of Residence grade; extinguishing different fires; general planning)
2. Emergency (First-aid) Attendant (valid to 1995)
1. Centrifuge & General laboratory safety (1993-1997; several courses)

During his time as a Subwarden of an Imperial College Hall of Residence (180 students; 1993-1998) he attended, with successful outcomes, three serious room fires, aided numerous ill students, including a number of emergency visits to the Chelsea & Westminster casualty department. Towards the end of his subwardency tenure, he was co-opted by the Warden to attend several committees for future Residence planning and Health & Safety.
Jon was Academic representative for his undergraduate year (1990-1991), then Departmental representative (1991-1992). The latter involved quite a number of committees and general chairmanship, including co-organisation of Imperial College's Life Sci. Ball (150 guests; 1992) - Full Social Colours were awarded (twice - a unique double given 'fulsome contributions and charitable fundraising') in 1993. As a postgraduate, Jon sat as postgraduate representative on the Departmental Safety & Radiation committee (1994-1996)

Jon Nield, 2000-2021