Photosystem II
3D PSII supercomplex; here
Schematic model of the major protein complexes involved in photosynthesis

Figure 1 is a schematic model of the main photosynthetic complexes engaged in oxygenic photosynthesis situated within the higher plant / green algal thylakoid membrane, where PSII is shown as the first major complex in the electron transport chain, after light (hv) has been absorbed by its light-harvesting components, the Lhcb proteins.

Click on each complex within image below to gain more information. Clicking on the PSII complex will zoom it, and then its individual subunits will become active for further investigation.

A larger version of this image (1750 x 840; 280 kb), with legend, is available.
For details regarding PSII subunit composition, please view this table (1024 x 768).
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