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Music Technology and Composition

Jon had classical training for 7 years in both Piano and Classical Guitar, with many public performances, including regional competitions. Jon continues to compose and record, now using digital technologies, and peruses Sound on Sound and other music technology periodicals (since 1985). He owns a number of instruments. The equipment he has used has ranged from synthesizers, electric guitars/efx and drum machines, through to stand-alone (Roland VS series; G-workstations; EMU PCI) and computer-based recording facilities (EMU 1820M, various). He composed, produced 2 CD (1993&1995) albums; the first in 1993 was burnt using one of the first 20k studio-based CD recorders at the time, off Holloway Road, and 3 CD singles. His projects involve several soundscapes (South of France/ Japan-based recordings), on portable Sony solid state (previously DAT and Minidisc) recorders with appropriate microphones for location recording. He played keyboards in a number of live concerts, 1992-1998, and was a proactive committee member of Imperial College's Jazz and Rock Club at that time.


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