3D PSII supercomplex; here


Jon's interests cover a wide range of topics. He initiates, actions and uses the following:
Self-built PCs (100+), Mac Classic, then 9 thru' OSX 10.9.4 / Win 3.1-8.1 / Linux;many distros; Puppy/Ubuntu/CentOS, PC clusters, PPC2000/2/3, WM5/6/S60v5 (!), use of VaxVMS (!), Psion (!), Palm and SGI (!), Android 1.5-4.4, WP7.5-8, +websites, administration, webdesign, CMSfun

Digital Imagery
Digital photography, scanning, computer presentation technology, inkjet/ dye sublimation (!) printing

Music Technology

G-series/VS studio/EMU, Sonar, VST, MIDI, portable recording solutions, all types of synthesizer (esp. Roland, Korg, Nord), outboard, acoustic/ lead/ bass electric guitars.

Events / Science organiser
For his work, previous studies and vacation jobs, Jon has enjoyed organising a considerable number of events, involving up to 350+ people, and has facilitated/overseen the creation of four large laboratories during his career at two institutions, and moved said at least 4 times.

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