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Since autumn 1996, Jon has facilitated the design, identification and purchasing of five laboratory spaces (14 rooms). The first involved the newly arrived IC-CSB group of Prof. MvH during the period October 1996-February 1997, during which time desks, PCs, wet lab equipment, electron microscope liquid nitrogen facilities, were co-ordinated and personally installed, in parallel with his research. He was awarded a small financial bonus in recognition of these efforts, which was unexpected, but gratefully received. The second is from Jan 1999, as workstation / LAN identifier and co-ordinator maintaining a PC cluster (20 machines), its 100BaseT network and associated peripherals (DVD+/-R,RW/ CDR-W/ SCSI/ scanners/ printers/ NICs, etc.). He has also learnt Tru64 Unix system administration, configuring 6 Compaq EV6/67 class XP1000 workstations, incl. stereographics 3D modelling. See his Computers page for more details.
    More recently, he has replicated such activites for his own independent position, both at Imperial College and Queen Mary, moving his laboratory, as required through managerial oversight, four further times. His previous (2003) Beowulf-style cluster of gigabit (1000baseT) switched PCs (60 CPUs; 125 GHz; 44 Gb DDR; 4 Tb) was deprecated in favour of an off-line, self-build, scaleable, quad-socket G34 opteron solution, currently at 160 nodes, 256 Gb, NAS, etc., constantly added to (funding dependent).

Over the last decade, Jon has a organised a significant number of social, research and commercial events:
1. Departmental Student Representative (1992) - a Life Sciences Summer Ball (125 people), which gave a minor profit for the following year's ball.
2. Hall of Residence Subwarden (1993-1998) - Five Dinner Dances (75-80 people); Leader of 15-student party to Calais; 10+ wine tastings of ~20 persons.
3. Post-graduate Representative (1993-1995) - Departmental Christmas Party (80 people).
4. Post-doctoral Researcher (1997-2000) - Initiated and organised lab retreat (20 people); other seminars.
5. Current position (2002) - Poster organiser; Royal Society Discussion Meeting (100+ people; 20 posters).
6. Divisional seminar series organiser (2005-2007) - 26 lectures/speakers
7. Divisional representative on the Faculty Safety Committee (2005-2007)
8. Divisional representative on the Faculty GM-safety committee (2005-2007)
9. Co-ordinator (2007) - PS07 international conference satellite meeting (350+ people; 46 posters).
10. Local organiser (2007) - Christmas Photosynthesis meeting, Queen Mary, University of London.
11. Local organiser (2008) - International Photosynthesis 'Symposium' at Queen Mary.
12. Seminar host (2010-2014) - A number of visiting international and national Photosynthesis speakers.

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