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Jon Nield, Ph.D. is a Principal Researcher/trained scientist in the fields of Biochemistry and Structural Biology since 1996. He specialises in the transmission electron microscopy, image processing and 3D modelling of biological macromolecules.

He has worked for several weeks per year in a variety of institutions, has been an Official Advisor to Osaka University, Japan, and was consultant to biological textbooks for the International Baccalaureate.

In addition to his research, Jon has built up many skills as a:
Information Technologist, designing websites / computers / laboratory spaces.
Photographer, conventional and digital, pre-press scanning and printing.
Composer and producer of music, both acoustic and digital.
Organising social, research and commercial events.

I wish you a pleasant visit to my site,

Jon Nield   Ph.D. Dip.IC ARCS

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