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Computers - Personal and Workstation Class administration / networking

Jon has been building PC computers since 1996. His first computer was a Commodore VIC20 (1982), then Atari ST (1987). He has, in the past, had the need to administer up to ~ 60 PCs in total at the same time, which has included both dedicated PC &, furthermore, alpha Tru64 UNIX clusters (1997-2007). He uses Linux and currently prefers Ubuntu 12.04, but has run other distributions (SuSE, Redhat/Fedora; Tru64 (v4.0D-v5.1), with a soft-spot for Mandriva).

In the laboratory, a self-built Linux cluster, all core nodes being gigabit-switched, has been supported by The Royal Society. Previously, he learnt collective UNIX-internals (kernel rebuilding/ graphics card/ HD/ memory replacement) and has upgraded several workstations for stereo (3D) modelling. In the good-old-days, Jon has experienced the hands-on practicalities of setting up 10/100/1000baseT networks several times (i.e. even drilling holes in walls), from refurbishing labs to O/S configuration. He application-tests his Athlon and dual-CPU systems. He also admires Macintosh and has several machines to appreciate Darwin (so far up to OSX 10.7), and has used SGI, which he still samples rarely and wistfully remembers the past with.

Computers are employed in a multi-track (analogue input), with hundreds of tracks now available (digital recording) studio, where they are used as synth/samplers and configuring the MIDI environment, especially for mobile/laptop audio capture, composition and manipulation. He runs, of course, several software synths in a 'practically unlimited' virtual recording environment via Emu 1820m hardware and Hex-CPU/terabyte storage recording. He would like to delve into the world of Ardour, a free Linux project for recording musicians, but current circumstances preclude this effort.

Software used efficiently and in depth:
Scientific Image-processing:
GRIP/ EMAN/ Imagic-5/ Xv/ 'O' crystallographic package/ Viewerlite/ Swiss Pdb Viewer/ PyMol
Presentation and Publication:
Corel Draw X6 suite/ Macromedia Studio MX/ Office (latest, Mac&Win7); Adobe Photoshop + Acrobat / Firefox/ Thunderbird. All iOS/Android and (was it that long ago!? - Compaq PPC/WM6.1 equivalents), including powerpoint and video capable PPCs as far back as the Casio E-125 (remember those stares!) and handheld GPS-enabled mobile devices pre-Google (Mio A701 anyone?).
General: ssh / nfs / DVD+/-R/RW/RAM / Nero / Antivir / Irfanview / Ultradefrag / Auslogics freeware.

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