Jon Nield, Ph.D.


I specialise in the transmission electron microscopy, image processing and 3D modelling of biological macromolecules.

I aim to understand the structure and function of protein assemblies involved in fields that pique my scientific interest.

During 18 years as a University Faculty Academic I have investigated plants, bacteria and human diseases: photosynthesis, light-harvesting assemblies, multi-drug resistance, Alzheimer’s disease, amongst others.

Currently this work is carried out part-time at Queen Mary University of London, including a day per week as Careers advisor to ~800 UG/PG students; tutoring on M.Sci. and UG courses; I work some weeks per year in a other institutions globally, for example, I have been a University Research Fellow of The Royal Society (2001-2012), an Official Advisor to Osaka University, Japan (2015), Academic visitor to… UQ Brisbane, NIBB Okazaki, Kyoto U., etc., Imperial College London (2016; alumnus 1990-2007),  Associate Editor of the RSC journal PPS (2005-2009), and consultant to Biology texts for the International Baccalaureate (IBID, 2014-).

I have skills in: Information Technology: publishing papers, book chapters, design entire websites since 2000 (10+) / computer clusters (160 nodes) / laboratory spaces (x4). Photographer: conventional wet lab development (since 1988), digital (2001-), scanning/densitometry, printing using various methods: including holographic emulsion, prototyping and 3D.
Composer/producer of music: both acoustic and digital (3 albums). Organising: social, research, commercial events, 350+ participants.

I wish you a pleasant visit to my websites,

Jon Nield   Ph.D. Dip.IC ARCS

11th March 2019